Chin and Jaw Implant - Can They Be Done Together?

im planing on getting a chin implant, but i think i also need a jaw implant to achieve my goal, but my question is, do i need to have two different doctors and pay different amounts of money for those two procedures, or can it be done with the same plastic surgeon. i know i have a very weak chin and jaw line, im planing to get it done soon but i would like to know if i also need jaw implants, i want a very define chin and jaw line like enrique iglesias. help me please with any advice thank you....

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Chin and jaw implants can be done together

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Chin implants and jaw implants can be done at the same time or separately. Chin implants are placed for patients who have very weak chin profiles and jaw implants are used to give more width to the posterior portion of the jawline.

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