Do Different Chin Implants Have Different Prices?

For example, would a mandibular glove chin implant cost more than a conform extended anatomical chin implant (or vice versa) OR are the chin implants themselves all the same price? I already know that chin implant procedures vary in prices depending on anesthesia, surgeon fees, location, ETC but i want to know about the chin implant price themselves. Thank you.

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Different Prices for Different Chin Implants

There is little difference in he cost of different implants. As you have stated, charges depend more on the procedure, the surgeon, and your location.

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Cost of chin implants per se

As far as the patient is concerned, the cost of the actual implant is a small percentage of the total cost of the operation and shoud not influence your choice of procedures or surgeons. 

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Do Different Chin Implants Have Different Prices?

There is a variation in chin implant prices depending upon the size and shape. Different manufacturers also have different pricing schedules. Unless you're having a custom implant made, the cost of an "off the shelf" implant tends to be a relatively small proportion of the overall cost. I hope this information is helpful.

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Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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