Chin Implant Options?

I have read that Silastic chin implants cause bone erosion/resorption. Do Medpor chin implants also cause bone erosion/resorption? What is the best way to attach them? What is the best way to perform a mentalis resuspension? Intraorally? extraorally? Anchors? Sutures? Thank you. --Susan

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Medpor versus silicone chin implants and mentalis resuspension

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Medpor implants tend to become fixed but can be quite difficult to remove if necessary. Yes, they generally cause less bone erosion.

Generally they do not require fixation but the alternatives are suture fixation, periosteal flap, or screw fixation as favored by the surgeon performing the surgery.

Mentalis resuspension is best accomplished intraorally but techniques do vary tremendously.

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Ask your dotor

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There many options and your surgeon can choose the best implant,technique and incision after te examination.

I prefer silicone implants and incision under the chin. Transoral inciion has high degree of mentalis detachment and also implant malposition.

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