Can A Chin Implant Add Vertical Height To A Small Chin?

Hi. I have small chin. From profile view my chin is good. I just need to add vertical height. Can Chin Implants add vertical height? And can Chin Implants a little bit widen my chin?

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Chin implant to add vertical height to a small chin

The anatomical position of the mandible points in a somewhat downward position, so indeed a silastic chin implant placed on the anterior portion of the mandible will add vertical height.  The chin implant will augment the anterior and inferior projection of the mandible, while slightly augmenting the chin laterally.  The inferior projection is what adds vertical height to the chin.

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Chin augmentation to add vertical height

In general chin implants don't add significant vertical height to the chin. If that's is the main goal I recommend a sliding genioplasty. This involves making a bone cut in the chin bone and advancing it forward and downard to create the proper amount of increase in vertical height.

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Standard Chin Implants Do Not Provide Vertical Lengthening

No current chin implant design that provides horizontal increase results in any vertical lengthening. Minor amounts of vertical increase can be obtained (a few millimeters) by positioning the implant on the end of the bone through a submental incision and securing it with screws. But real significant vertical height increase in the chin requires either a custom made chin implant that adds that dimension or a vertical lengthening chin osteotomy.

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Chin deficiency in vertical dimension

Hello Jey,


The answer is yes. . .to a degree.  Implants are best at giving width and body as well as projection or the horizontal dimension.  Some types of implants can give some height but the best way to address a height issue is an open genioplasty.  This has a longer healing time and higher risks be looks great.


Best of luck

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