Will Chin Implants Be a Good Option for Me? Underdeveloped Mandible. (photo)

So I have an openbite and an overbite which I am currently getting fixed with braces. I extracted two teeths from the top to match my bottom. The top will be pushed back, which my Ortho told me would have pleasing aesthetic effects, a more relaxed face. But there will be little to no change to my bottom teethes. I guess I dont really hate my profile, but at some pictures my face seem to lack a dimension. I do like my chin, so im not sure about chin implant, but open to suggestion. Thank you

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Chin implant

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A chin implant is simple procedure that can yield fantastic improvements for a weak chin. However, if there is an issue with your mandible, that would need to be addressed separately by a board certified maxillofacial surgeon. A chin implant may make an improvement, but depending on the degree of the issue with your mandible, it may not get you exactly where you want to be. From here, I would recommend a consult with a qualified surgeon. He/she will be able to assess your needs and determine what you may most benefit from. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Would A Chin Implant Be Appropriate?

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Thank you for your pictures and your question.  I read on one of your other posts that several dentists recommended orthodontia which I think is a great idea.  With reference to your retrusive mandible, even a very large chin implant will not totally correct your retrusion, but it is a much quicker, simpler, and less expensive way of improving your facial aesthetics than a full on orthognathic surgery.

From the front, your mentalis muscles show the classic strain of constantly lifting up your lower lip.  This will vanish with a chin implant.  Simultaneously, with the improvement of your anterior chin, your lower lip will no longer hang out but will move up and easily match your upper lip, allowing your mouth to close with much less effort.  Your profile will improve significantly and your jawline will become much more obvious and attractive.  Finally, your elongated face will visually shorten because the chin implant and its anterior projection will catch the eye and it won't drift all the way to the bottom of the anterior mandible.

In short, I would get a consultation with an oral surgeon well versed in orthognatic surgery, but at the same time, I would seek one or more consultations with Board Certified plastic surgeons well versed in chin augmentations. 




Chin Osteotomy For Chin Correction

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If you like your chin then there would be no reason to change it. But you do have a major lower jaw deficiency and a very short chin. Since you are having orthodontics and there is no suggestion of it being combined with orthognathic surgery, I can assume that total lower jaw advancement is not part of the treatment. Correction of your chin deficiency as an isolated procedure would not be best done by a chin implant due to the degree of horizontal deficiency. A chin osteotomy advancement is needed which can help shorten the vertical height of your chin as well as bring it forward.

Will Chin Implants Be a Good Option for Me? Underdeveloped Mandible.

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Thanks for the posted photos. I would recommend ONLY in person evaluations and the thought of a surgical mandibular advancement. 

Will Chin Implants Be a Good Option for Me? Underdeveloped Mandible.

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A chin implant would improve the balance of your face by augmenting your weak chin. The other option is to perform a lower jaw advancement surgery which would improve your chin projection and treat some of your bite issues. The choices between orthodontia, jaw advancement and chin augmentation is too complex to answer online and the best option depends upon an assessment of your bite. I recommend that you consult an oral surgeon to determine which option, or options, will give you the best results in terms of aesthetics as well as the health of your bite. I hope this information is helpful.

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Underdeveloped mandible and chin implant option

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There are 2 options available to patients who have significant underdevelopment of the mandible.  The first option is mandibular osteotomy and a sliding genioplasty performed by an oral maxillofacial surgeon and will address any issues with underbite and overbite. This will require overnight hospitalization. A more simple and conservative approach is to consider a chin implant placed through a small ½ inch and submental incision directly over the bone to give a cosmetic augmentation.  The chin implant will not affect any underbite or overbite but will simply give a cosmetic improvement to the chin.

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