Since I Got a Chin Implant 1 Week Ago, I've Had Excess Saliva, Normal?

Hi, I had a intraoral chin implant done 7 days ago. For the last 3 days ive notice my mouth having excess saliva. When i lift my lower lip to see the incision, its got saliva and little bubbles. Please help me understand why this is happening.(i currently dont have redness, fever, the pain is improving) Regards, Simon

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Intraoral Chin Augmentation with increased saliva

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I would go in and see your surgeon for a postoperative check up. I personally use an external approach to chin augmentation and have not seen this side effect. You are still early in the post operative phase, go in and see your surgeon and discuss your concerns and hopefully he/she will be able to set your mind at ease. Wishing you a quick and healthy recovery. Best regards!

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