How Do I Know What Chin Implant is Right for Me?

I had a doctor place a chin implant on me and it is so wrong. I cannot believe he even stitched me up knowing it was not going to look right. I have to get it fixed and I would like to know how I should go about this? How do I know which chin is right for me? Do I show him pictures of what I would like? Does the doctor tell me what would look good? I am so confused and anxious. I have been walking around with this weird looking implant for 6 months. Can take it off?

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Chin Implant and sizing

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I personally use a digital imaging computer which works extremely well for this particular procedure. It gives the patient the ability to see the proposed result of the surgical procedure while in the consultation phase. I would find someone in your area that is able to use imaging. Pictures are nice to show and they do provide your surgeon an idea of what is aesthetically pleasing to you, imaging is better because it is your face and bone structure the surgeon works from. With each patients facial structure differing immensely it is important that your surgeon helps you in the decision making as far as implant size goes. I use a submental approach which allows a small incision to be made under the chin allowing the patient to have minimal scarring. I would also look at the surgeons before and after photographs in determing your choice. I always invite my patients to speak in person with other patients who have undergone the same procedure and discuss their experience. Hopefully this advice will be of some help and reduce your confusion and anxiety. Best regards!

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