Chin Implant For Pointy Chin?

I would like to have a central button chin implant just to add lenght, projection and specially no width to my chin, i am looking for a maximum of a pointed chin as possible but no width at all, that other implants give and make one look masculine. I am looking for a surgeon used to these implants who CAN fixe it with screws, in the N-Y area. Thank you.

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Improving pointy chin with implant

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Pointy chins can be improved with chin implants known as "prejowl" implants. These implants do not augment the front of the chin, only the sides of the chin. They fill in the hollow areas on the sides of the chin to make it more square. These implants can be stabilized with a screw to ensure that they stay exactly where they are placed.

Dallas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Chin Implant for More Angular Frontal View

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    A chin implant to create a more angular appearance  can be chosen.  This does not need bony fixation if the pocket is precisely dissected.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Chin implant o make chin more pointy

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You've got the right answer.  There are are several implant varieties that will provide the result you are looking for without widening the jaw.  Each week we put in these implants at my office (in the office under local anesthesia often) and they can provide a nice improvement without masculinizing the jaw.  I'm impressed you realized that this is what many implants do, and it's a problem that we watch for!

Good luck,

Jeffrey Spiegel, MD

Chestnut HIll, MA

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