I Had a Chin Implant Done 7 Years Ago, Can I Have It Revised? I Think It's Too Wide. (photo)

I wanted a chin implant for two reasons.. my profile was weak, and as my jaw line came to my chin it was very narrow. So I got a large size chin implant, not sure exactly what size. I suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, so getting it wasn't probably the best idea. It really didn't make any difference, except from the profile. I think it looks too wide, or doesn't match my face.. but that could be my BDD telling me. I need an honest opinion, can I re shape my chin implant?Does it look good now?

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Revising Chin Implant

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Reviewing the pictures I feel your chin looks fine, but may change my opinion after examining you. Thank you for your honesty re the body dysmorphic disorder. That will be taken into consideration by the surgeon with whom you consult. 

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