Chin Implant Wings. 3 Month Out and It is Sore?

I am just over 3 months out and my small extended anatomical implant looks great. However, it is often sore at the ends of the wings. It feels like there is something stuck in or under my gums - as there is. Is it normal to feel this way at this point? Is a sensation likely to lessen as time passes by? I am flying in for a post op next week and he would be very willing to switch me from extended anatomical to anatomical. How much would the shorter wings change the appearance? THX!!!!

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Three months post chin augmentation and still sore

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Upon examination your surgeon will make a proper diagnosis and then proceed from there. The implant may be improper in size or placement that is causing the pain this far post operative. If the positioning is fine and the size proper he may have you give it some more time for recovery. Best Regards!

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