Chin Implant Revision to Fix Wing

I had a silicone chin implant nearly 2 years ago. The implant has wings placed in a subperiosteal pocket. The implant on the left is nearly 10mm north of the jawline at the tip. Surgeon revised things and placed a screw on the left aspect of the chin brining the anterior part on the left level with the right but the left wing was left superior to the jawline. The wing with the exception of the extreme tip is mobile. Is there a simple way of achieving a fix to bring the left wing down and fixing it in place?

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Chin implant

The implant is not placed right, that is why the wings are showing and floating in the subcutanous tissue.

The implant mught be too big also.

Remove the implant and replace in the right position, with the right size.

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Chin implant should be removed and re-placed

If any of the wings are mobile on a silicone chin implant, it is no longer in the subperiosteal pocket. The implant is supraperiosteal and is floating around in the subdermal space, the wrong location. The implant should be removed, replaced in the subperiosteal pocket, both in the left and in the right wings, which are the proper anatomical position for a Silastic silicone chin implant. No screws are necessary if it is placed in the right position.

William Portuese, MD
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