Chin Implant is Too Wide and Square

hi, I 21 yrs old and about 4-5 months ago I had a large chin implant placed underneath my chin. It was not the medpor implant. Before I had it done, imaging and discussing with the doctor I had a wide chin already it was just a little recessed, We both agreed that I would only need a small implant but the day of the surgery he placed a large. I was horrified. Now my chin is too wide and square its not feminine at all. I like the projection just not the front.Can the wings be removed/shaved down?

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Modifying a chin implant

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It may be possible to modify the type of chin implant you had placed especially if it is a silastic type. However, it may be more practical to remove the implant and replace it with a smaller more anatomic chin implant. I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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