Can You Get a Chin Implant While Still Having Radiesse in Your Chin or is This Not a Good Idea?

I had a Radieese injection on my chin 6 months ago I know it lasts a year or more, I was wondering if I can get a chin implant next week or is there a higher risk of infection is their any way to get rid of the excess Radiesse in the chin?

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Chin implant and Radiesse

There is no additional risk of infection with chin implant six months after injection of Radiesse.  There is also no antidote which would reverse Radiesse. 

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It is safe to get the chin implant, but the remaining filler may make it more difficult to choose the correct size implant

It is safe to have a chin implant with Radiesse in your chin.   There is not an increased rate of infection.  

The one issue is that I might predict is the ability for the Doctor pick the correct size implant.  The advantage of a chin implant compared to fillers is;

-  It is permanent

-  It does not require repeat treatment

If Radiesse is currently augmenting your chin, then it may be hard for the surgeon to pick the correct size chin implant.  If he places a chin implant that looks good with the Radiesse in place, as the Radiesse re-absorbs the chin may begin to look small.  Unfortunately, there is no way to remove injected Radiesse.  

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Chin implant and Radiesse can be done close together.

Chin implant and Radiesse can be done close together. They are placed at different levels and this should not be a problem.

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