Chin Implant - Swelling or Wrong Implant Size?

Hi, I'm 3 days post op from a chin implant. I've got a 7 mm medpor implant. My chin looks a lot bigger than I want it to be but my ps says it is just swelling that looks my jaw so huge. However he doesn't say how much of it is swelling. I used to have a small and short face and now it looks quite long and unpleasing to me. Can you tell me how much percentage of it is swelling by looking at this picture? Thank you!

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Swelling after Chin Implant

Generally speaking, it can take 6 to 12 months to completely heal after surgery. Please keep in touch with your surgeon or his/her clinical team to discuss your ongoing concerns.

Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after chin implant

At three days post-operative there is still a considerabel amount of swelling. Try to be patient.

Michael Sullivan, MD
Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Swelling or Large Implant

Just 3 days after surgery it is impossible to know if you have normal post-op swelling or an implant that is too large. Be patient. Ultimately, if your not satisfied the implant can be replaced.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Chin implant and swelling

In reviewing your postoperative photograph it appears that you have normal swelling that is indicated for your recovery period. Three days postoperative you will have swelling and given some time this should dissipitate. It is difficult to state how much is swelling versus the implant size without being your surgeon. In my practice I use a digital imaging computer which works especially well for determining your proposed results prior to surgery. It helps me the the surgeon understand your desires and helps you the patient understand the possibilities of surgical enhancement. Overall this helps the patient and physician gain a better understanding. Swelling from chin implant surgery varies from patient to patient and it is to early in the recovery phase to determine where you stand. Make sure you address your concerns to your surgeon and hopefully this will give you some peace of mind.

Michael Elam, MD
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Swelling is normal following chin implants

Hi Malin 1984,

It is still very early in the recovery period for you. There is usually a lot of swelling following a chin implant for at least the first week. Without knowing you pre-operatively and not having been in your surgery, it is difficult for anyone other than your surgeon to say how much is swelling and how much of it is the implant. Just realize that it is absolutely normal to be swollen 3 days after surgery and try not to worry. In the next couple of days the swelling should slowly start to come down.


Sarmela Sunder, MD
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Swelling After Chin Implant

Please remember that you had a surgical procedure and the swelling shown in the photograph is totally normal.  However, these concerns are far better addressed with the Surgeon who performed the procedure.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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