Chin Implant or Surgery After Tooth Extraction? (photo)

Hi! I had 4 teeth extracted in my teens for braces. I noticed after this I developed TMJ. I recently had braces again to open spaces on the upper arch, which allowed my mandible to come forward. We were trying to undo previous damage. We were only able to open the spaces about 1/2 of a bicuspid. I feel I have a weak chin and under developed lower face. I don't have much of a " plateau" under my chin and my neck blends in... Especially when I talk. Would I benefit from a chin implant or surgery?

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Chin Implant or Genioplasty?

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   The chin implant or genioplasty would both be appropriate.  If you are concerned about your lack of apparent chin but do not want a widened look, there are som many options with implants.  The implants can further be adjusted intraoperatively to produce the most projected least wide look.

Implants vs. Sliding Genioplasty for Short Chin

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When you refer to surgery, you are really asking whether you should have the chin bone moved forward or have an implant placed on top of it. That decision is based on your age, the degree of chin deficiency and whether your chin needs any vertical lengthening as well. I think in your case you could go either way as you appear to need about 7mm to 8mms of advancement. If you opt for an implant make sure it is the central button type so your chin does not become wider from the front. Moving the chin bone forward will always make the chin slightly more narrow from the front as it comes forward.

Chin implant

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A small silastic chin implant would give more projection to the mandible.  In addition there will be a slight augmentation to the width of the chin  and vertical height as well.  Best to have a chin implant placed thru a small  submental incision.   Please see our chin implant photo gallery for examples 

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