Implant to Match Stronger Jawline Side?

I have had maxillo facial surgery and since then, one side of my profile has a much stronger jawline. Is there any implant I can get to match the stronger jawline side?

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Mandibular implants for symmetrical jawline

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There are jawline implants that can be placed at the angle of the mandible for a unilateral problem like this. These are called mandibular implants, usually performed by the oral maxillofacial surgeons and are inserted through the mouth into the jawline to give more of a square jaw.

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Facial Implant

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One option is to consider a custom made facial implant. You will need to find a surgeon who works closely with one of the established implant companies, such as Implantech. A CT (CAT) scan is obtained that allows creation of a computerized 3-dimensional model of your jaw bone. Based on this, a customized implant can be made to match the deficit on the involved side of your jaw. This implant can they be placed to provide more symmetry. Alternatively, you can elect to undergo contouring of the deficient side with any number of absorbable or non-absorbable soft tissue fillers. This latter option is considered an 'off-label' application in that the FDA has approved these fillers for injection but not for this particular purpose.

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