Should I Take out Chin Implant Sooner or Later?

I had a rhinoplasty and chin implant 7 weeks ago. The surgeon suggested it as a compliment to the nose and I trusted his opinion. I don't like it. It looks funny to me, but he said he never took out a facial implant in 20 years and wont do it, so I'm looking for another surgeon to take it out. Its also blocking my lower lip from full downward movement. I'm 100% sure I want it out. I am leaving the country in 2 weeks for a year. Is it better to have it out now, or wait a year until I get back?

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Chin Implant

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Removing a chin implant can be performed, but it is best to reflect as to why you don't like it.  It may be that your implant is too big for your chin and if that is the case, you would benefit from having it downsized or removed all together.  It depends on what your profile looked like before the implant was put it.  If you are really unhappy with it, you may want to consider having it removing it now as you will otherwise have it in until you return.

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Removal of chin implant

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If you know that you are unhappy with the chin implant because of the degree of projection, you might want to go to a smaller size.  You could do that now.  Once you take out the implant, without replacement, the pocket closes, and it would be more difficult to put in a smaller implant at a later date.  The lip movement should come back when the swelling diminishes.  I don't see a good pre-op profile on your pictures, but it looks like a smaller implant might do the trick for you.  If you are 100% sure that you don't want any implant, then I think you should have it removed soon, so that your skin does not stretch and sag.

Diane L. Gerber, MD (retired)
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Not happy with chin implant

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HI ANON 1138,

Your surgery was only 7 weeks ago. You still have some swelling and softening of the tissue around the implant that needs to be accomplished. Removal of an implant is relatively easy and you can do it most anytime. It is probably best to wait until the swelling has ressolved and you have had a little more time to adjust to the big change in your appearance. By the way, this discomfort in your new appearance is shared by many people who have had major changes to their appearance, you are not alone. Take some deep breaths and explore the new you. Give it some more time. You can always get it taken out.
In any event, you may need to  be seen  by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to assist you in making a decision as to what is best for you. I hope that this is helpful for you . Jon Sattler, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Glendora, California.

Jon Sattler, MD
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