Chin Implant or a Sliding Genioplasty?

I would like to have a stronger chin as I unfortunately have a short jaw. I would like to know which option is better for me? - What are the long term complications of the implants? What effect do they have on the bone and the teeth? How long does the procedure take and can it be taken under local anaesthesia? - I have basically the same concerns about the sliding genioplasty.How high is the complication rate? Can it be reversed? Is it done under local or general anaesthesia? What are the risks?

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Implant or bone surgery for genioplasty

The choice of implant versus sliding genioplasty is a difficult one for many patients due to the lack of complete information available. It would take some time to explain all the differences; but simply, the chin implant is a simpler but less ideal method to achieve augmentation of the chin area. Implants do not allow adjustement of the vertical height of the chin; nor do they provide for the 'stretching' of the skin/muscle under the chin. This latter feature is what gives the 'flatter' look to the submental area and assists tremendously in overall facial esthetics and satisfaction - without necessity of platysmaplasty or liposuction in most patients.

The sliding genioplasty is a more expert procedure and does require up to a week's recovery, but it has more benefits without the negative effects of implants lieing over bone or the teeth roots.. Bottom line; sliding genioplasty is the winner, but have the surgeon explain all aspects so you are confident in your choice

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Chin implant for recessive chin

 A chin implant can be performed under local anesthesia, whereby a Silastic implant is inserted through a submental approach. Silastic chin implants come in  a variety of sizes and shapes depending upon presenting anatomy and the patient's desires. The size of the implant is best determined at time of the physical exam and consultation. Please see link below for our chin  implant  photo gallery

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