Chin Implant or Sliding Geniolpasty? (photo)

My bottom teeth sit right behind my front - i.e. front of bottom teeth touching the back of front teeth. Notice my bottom lip sits posterior to top lip which Ive heard can make a patient unsuitable candidate for chin implant - i.e. it wont give enough horizontal projection. Feel sad that I weigh 55 kg but still have a double chin and am 28 years old and have the beginnings of jowls because of my weak chin (inherited from my father). Would I also need lipo from under chin?

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Chin Implant vs. Sliding Genioplasty

While your smaller chin could be treated either by an implant or a sliding genioplasty, there are advantages and disadvantages with either approach. But given your shorter chin, young age, and lower lip position, you would be better served in the long run by moving the chin bone. This would also help your neck concerns much better than a chin implant would do.

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Weak chin profile and submental fat

  The pictures do show a weak chin profile and sub-mental fat.   A medium-sized Silastic chin implant could be inserted  through an incision in the sub-mental area to give chin augmentation  and better projection.  Simple liposuction  Of the neck will address removal of those fatty deposits which would also accentuate the jawline and the chin implant.

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