Chin Implant Scar. Recommendations For Preventing Thin Looking Lips Post Op?

I consider having a chin implant but have read about the scar inside the mouth being too tight så the lower lip is pulled in, making it thinner.. to avoid this is it then possible to pull the lip out as an exercise, after the wound has healed to make sure the scar doesn't tighten too much and maybe on purpose making the scar bigger since it is invisible inside the mouth..

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Thin lips from chin implant scar is prevented with submental approach.

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It is just not a good idea to have the chin implant placed through the intraoral approach for 2 reasons; infection and migration of the implant back out the incision.  It is always best to have the chin implant placed through a separate submental incision underneath the chin.  This incision is approximately one half inch long and blends into the natural chin crease and is minimally detectable.  The implant is placed directly over the bone, underneath the periosteum, muscle and skin layers.

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Chin augmentation

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I do not make my incision in the mouth and prefer a very small incision under the chin where most people already have a small childhood scar from a tumble if not the Incision is not very visible and heals remarkably. The incision through the mouth I have found through my thirty years of experience has more complications with infection, scar tissue, and implant malposition.

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