Chin Implant Revision Vs. Removal?

At 8 weeks from initial surgery, I feel the medium silastic chin used was too large for my face - sulcus looks too deep. I am not big on surgery and only want to do this one more time. If I downsize smaller, my doc says the old scar pocket will collapse and form around the small implant, while other docs feel it is imperative to remove the prior scar pocket?? My doc stitches the implants in, but they are not secured by screws. If I choose complete removal, what are chances of deformity?

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Chin implant removal and replacement

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You can have the medium implant removed or modified (by shaving). You shouldn't need to have the implant capsule removed. It should be able to shrink down around a smaller implant.

The question of whether just completely removing the implant would lead to a deformity depends on how big your implant is, how elastic your skin is and how long the implant was in place. You can discuss your options with your surgeon.

Chin implant removal or reducing size

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If the chin implant is not the proper size or style then it may be removed and replaced with a more suitable style or size. The capsule around the implant should not be removed and should be left in tact. Removing the capsule may cause additional problems and is best left alone. Since you are only eigth weeks in the recovery phase I would discuss with your surgeon the options of removal or replacement and the pros and cons of both. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Implant Downsizing and Implant Capsule

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If the chin implant is too big, it can either be downsized or modified to be made smaller. But the surrounding chin implant capsule should not be manipulated or attempted to be remove. That will cause more problems and has no benefits to doing so. The implant capsule will shrink down around the new or modified chin implant.  If the implant is completely removed, the risk of soft tissue chin sagging (witch's chin deformity) depends on how big the implant is and how long it has been in place.

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