Chin Implant Revision - Recovery Time?

I had an XL chin implant 80 days (2.5 mths) ago, and it's too big for my small face. I'm thinking of downsizing it. I was told that while the initial chin surgery takes 6mths to heal completely, the recovery time needed for the Revision will be much shorter as the pocket is already created. Typically, how long does revision surgery take to fully recover? Why?

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Recovery Time after Chin Implant Revision

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Visible recovery after chin implant revision to decrease the size of the implant should be less because a capsule has formed around the previous implant which will minimize trauma to the surrounding chin tissue. It  will probably take just as long, but will not be as apparent to you and those around you.

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Revision chin surgery

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Your surgeon is right as far as the implant pocket is concerned. There will be less swelling but the incision site and tissues under it, will take the same amount of time to heal if not longer. Overall, you will have less pain and discomfort.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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