Chin implant revision 2 months post op still having complications. Will it ever get better?

Had a chin implant revision 2 months ago because I had constant tightness and tingles. Replaced it with a button style (had a wing style that was riding too high on one side). Two months post I still have symptoms some days it's 90% better and then some days I'm worse off than before. Just concerned and wondering if I'm heading toward recovery. I do have full sensation it's just tingles, burns and tight. Especially when talking or chewing or stress.

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Chin implant paresthesia

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Paresthesia (tingling) is sometimes seen after placement of a chin implant and is usually due to stretch or impingement upon the mental nerve.  Revision with a smaller implant relieves the pressure but it often takes several weeks to months for sensation to return to normal.

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2 months healing after revision chin implant

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for a  revision chin implant I would say that this is probably not unusual but it's very important that you follow-up with her surgeon.  I have had patients who have had revision chin implants and they still have sensation of tightness or tingling a few months later.

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