I think my chin projection is less than desired. Chin Implant Revision for less than desired projection? (Photo)

Hi, I got an extra small elongated Implantech chin implant 4 years ago. I think my chin projection is less than desired. What chin implant and size should I have to reach my goal? I do struggle a bit with mentalis strain. Do you think a bigger implant will make my mentalis muscle less strained? I have been struggling with different problems after surgery too. Stiffness, numbness and lack of sensation in chin and lower lip, but its not present all the time. I can't do SG my new PS says.

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Chin Implant Revision For Less Than Desired Projection?

 From the photos provided, an extra small size chin implant would not be expected to provide the proper aesthetic amount of chin projection.  A Medium or Large would be required.  

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