Chin Implant Keeps Shifting, Should I Have a Revision?

I had a chin implant with lipo in Aug 2011. The implant shifted out of pocket a few days after surgery. One side was absolutely perfect but you could feel the implant on the other side and it hung past the chin. My PS said he could fix it and I had the revision surgery last month. I still feel the implant and now my lipo and profile do not look as good as before. PS said he just trimmed instead of putting back in pocket. Why would he not create pocket. Should I have another revision? :(

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Shifting Chin Implant

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You are only 6 months after your revision so allow another 6-9 months for the swelling to resolve. It may not look as good as it did before the revision because you do have asymmetric swelling after the recent localized dissection. Do not be tempted to frequently feel the implant trying to determine its position because it will never be stable.

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Revision of Chin Implant Revision?

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When one is dissatisfied with a chin implant revision early after it is done, this suggests that more time may not make it any better or change how you feel about it. Without seeing photos  or doing an examination, it is impossible to determine if another revision/implant replacement would be appropriate. I would revisit your surgeon and discuss your specifics concerns about what you are seeing and feeling. If that does not meet your satisfaction and more time does not change your concerns, then it is time to get a second opinion.

Shifting chin implant

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You should again wait until 6 months have passed and then ,if you are still unhappy, see your surgeon. A second opinion would not hurt. 

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