Can a Chin Implant Be Removed with a Good Result After 13 Years?

I had a small plastic chin implant inserted when I was 17. Now, at 30, I really regret having it placed as I worry about the aging process and how it will look as time goes on. I don't really think I ever needed it, but the plastic surgeon was really pushing for it and I took his word. Is this something that can be removed with minimal negative consequence to the original aesthetics of my face? How common is sagging, bone resorption and scarring after removal?

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Can a Chin Implant Be Removed with a Good Result After 13 Years?

Yes it can be removed but if it does not cause any problem why go through another surgery with possible risk of complications such as infection, sagging due bone resorption which may require further correction? 

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Chin Implant Removal

If the chin implant was indeed small and was 'marginally needed', it probably has no major influence on your facial profile. Thus, removing it should not cause any significant tissue sag of the chin area. But to ensure that this is so, your chin implant should be removed from an intraoral approach with mentalis muscle tightening during the closure. This will ensure there will be no scar or any tissue sagging after your chin implant removal.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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