Chin Implant Removal from Under Chin if Placed Through Mouth?

I've had a revision surgery and this time it was done via the inside of my mouth which is the worse experience. If I ever had to remove the implant would I be able to do it via the outside (bottom of chin)? My chin and and lower lip are still tingly and numb after 6 weeks an when I eat my tongue feels weird i guess a bit tingly as well. I loose the taste of the food. Its cold out and when I go my chin tightens up. Is all this normal?

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Chin implant removal

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Chin Implant removal information/and considerations: For the vast majority of chin implants, removal is straight  forward most commonly using the  same incision that was used to place it. The procedure is often done in the office with local anesthesia with or without some sedation, but also commonly done in the OR under IV sedation or general anesthesia per patient's and surgeon's preference.  Most implants are silicone and are not adherent so slip out readily. Medpor, also called PTFE, may have tissue ingrowth and can be a bit more involved but still can be removed in the same manner.  It is very helpful for your surgeon to  review your prior surgical records to know the size and type of implant used. This may be obtained by contacting your prior surgeon's office or OR facility and request your prior surgical records.

Expectations: if the chin implant was small and removed within the first few years chances are likely that you will return a similar size and shape as before. If the implant was small, the chin soft tissue usually shrinks back down without  sagging.  Often, there is still some gain once the implant is removed due to the scarring and capsule (lining your body makes around the implant) that gives some benefit. On the other hand a large implant placed many years ago, and other factors such as being elderly, having osteoporosis and perhaps smoking that can cause loss of underlying bone due to  bony erosion from the pressure of the implant. In this case  use of a natural filler such your fat or at times a bone graft may recommended for different reasons. Your surgeon may request a  Panorex or lateral cephalometric x-ray to see if this is the case.  Temporary fillers can also be tried such as Jeuvederm, Sculptra, Voluma, Volbella, etc. 

Most important of all make sure you pick a plastic surgeon with great expertise in #chinaugmentation and #chinimplantremoval. 

See the below link on how best to choose your surgeon.

Chin Implant removal

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I personally use a sub mental dissection (under the chin) on all of my chin implant procedures due to the fact that the positioning desired is difficult to achieve through the intra-oral position. I am unfamiliar with the other symptoms you are having and they may be due to the placement of the implant sitting on or near an exposed nerve. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin implant sensory problems

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Always check your complaints or symptoms with your surgeon, as he is aware of the details of your surgery.  Sensory issues of the lower lip can occur with chin implantation, but most go away with time.  The chin implant can be removed from the submental crease, but this would create unecessary dissection and scarring. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Parasthesias After Chin Implant Can Be Normal

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The tingling you describe sounds like a parasthesia. The tingling of the tongue is a bit more complicated and I am not sure that this is related to the surgery. I would speak with your surgeon about your concerns. In some cases, repositioning of the implant is necessary if it is sitting on or near the mental nerves.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Unusual complaints after chin augmentation with chin implant

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Yes, it is possible to remove it from inside the mouth. I don't however understand the tongue issues. This should not be related to the chin implant surgery. Occasional spasms with cold weather is not uncommon in a relatively fresh wound.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Implant Issues

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I recommend you speak to your surgeon regarding your concerns. Personally I find positioning an anatomic (as opposed to a button) implant difficult through an intra-oral incision so I always make an incision under the chin.

Peter T. Truong, MD
Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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