Chin implant removal. Will it cause my chin to sag?

I had a large medpor chin implant placed half year ago and im not satisfied with the wide implant shape. I'm interested in have it removed . Will it cause my chin to sag? I know the scar tissue or capsule will provide some projection and I don't mind if it's in the front but will it also leave some projection on two sides?This is the reason I want to have it removed I don't want to end up with same wide jaw but with capsule. I know wings are thin but mine is medpor feel thicker than sillicon.

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Chin Implant Removal

A direct examination with palpation of the implant would be helpful in giving you an expert opinion. In most cases the implant may be removed and should not cause excess skin sagging. The scar tissue may provide some augmentation however the appearance typically returns to the pre operative state. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Chin implant removal

Generally, the chin does not sag after removal, it usually goes to pretty much the pre op condition.  Sometimes it may be slightly bigger but not drastic in terms of bigger or smaller.  A medpor implant can be very destructive to remove so the surgeon must make sure that all the fragments are removed.

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Removal of chin implant

Sear Akila12,

  • You can remove the implant and the skin may not sag
  • You will likely have some increased projection due to scar tissue that has formed under the skin
  • The projection on the sides are likely to be minimal because the implant should have tapered off to the sides
  • It would be best to answer your questions in a consultation where you can point out exactly what you are looking for

Nima Shemirani

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Chin implant

I believe when you remove an implant, you should either replace it with another or perform sliding genioplasty to avoid soft tissue problems. 

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