Swelling, Droopiness, And Asymmetry 2 Weeks Post-Chin Implant Removal. Will It Go Back To Normal? (photo)

I had the smallest size silastic winged chin implant placed through an incision in my mouth mid-august. When the surgeon removed the bandage my jaw looked too long and pointed. I had the implant removed one month later under GA. Now, two weeks post-op, my chin looks huge to me. The left side droops when I smile and the front of my chin looks weird and uneven. I got it done in Ireland and I fear the surgeon wasnt very experienced. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Postop chin implant problems

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Did you wear a supportive garment after the chin implant was removed? That would be advised to prevent chin ptosis, which you may now have. I'm also concerned that perhaps the mentalis musculature wasn't sutured back together which could cause this problem. It's always best to contact your surgeon first with these questions, good luck.

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