Best Option for Better Profile After Chin Implant Removal?

I would like the Chin implant removed; but I'm not sure if a smaller implant, no implant, or Genioplasty is the best option. What looks most natural, and will give me the best profile? I am willing to go through surgery not more than one time only, so I need to know the best option.

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Options following chin implant removal

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There are no definitive solutions to your problem. Generally speaking most craniofacial or maxillofacial surgeons tend to use osseous genioplasty as the best method for longterm solution of a deficient chin. Clearly this is a considerably more invasive option and therefore many patients tend to avoid this option.

May be ok without a chin implant

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Once the implant is removed, be patient. The capsule and scar tissue that is left behind will augment your chin to some degree. I would wait several months after the implant is removed to allow the swelling to subside and then re-assess your appearance. If you are not happy, please think prior to re-inserting an implant. Why do you want to remove the implant you have now? It is possible that you could develop the same concerns again with the new implant, even if it is smaller. You may be best served by leaving the implant out altogether.

A genioplasty has the advantage of augmenting the chin without the concerns of a foreign body but it is a bigger operation often done only by more specialized surgeons.

Good luck!

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