Chin Implant Removal After 2 Weeks of Surgery?

i had a chin implant before and im so miserable with the rrsults i look like a witch!!!! and i want to remove it!!! i dont wanna wait 6 months and i think is the worst mistake i ever done in my life!! i see the pics before the surgery and i want my chin back!!! it was beautiful, does my chin come back to normal after remove it !!!!! im so worry!! and im 26

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Early removal of chin implant

If you are positive that you want your old appearance back, why not have the chin implant removed now? It would be a very easy procedure and your chin would go back to its orginal projection.

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Chin implant removal

While it is possible to remove a chin implant two weeks after having it placed, you may want to wait.  There is still some swelling present in your chin at this point and the appearance of it could still change quite a bit.  It is not unusual for people to feel some remorse immediately after cosmetic surgery and this normally resolves as the area heals.  If you do decide to have it removed at some point, your chin should look as it did before the implant was placed.    

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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