Chin Implant or Reduction to Help Rounded, Pointy Chin?

i have a large rounded pointy chin which gets longer when i smile..i was considering a chin reduction but i dont think it is the bone that has to be it possible to get a chin implant which adds no projection at just changes the width/size from frontal view..?

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Options for chin enlargement, augmentation or enhancement

SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR NON-SURGICAL AND TEMPORARY OPTIONS. There are a variety of options when it comes to enlarging the chin. Implants are prefabricated in a variety of materials. However, custom implants can be carved or created out of existing materials. The proper procedure depends on the anatomy and many different procedures can be performed according to inadequate projection, height, width, etc. Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon or oral surgeon. N

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Prominent Chin Aesthetics

To best evaluate a chin we would need Front and Side photographs as well as XRays showing the relations of the upper and lower teeth. Chin aesthetics vary from the "no chin", "weak Chin" to the "strong " chin, to the "Jay Leno" -type chin to the classic Hapsburg chin - Each has different characteristics and therefore different solutions.

From the photograph provided you do appear to have a tall chin. If the height bothers you, the only way to reduce it is to take a sliver of the bone out. This may be combined with back or forward movement to accentuate or diminish prominence (SLIDING GENIOPLASTY).  If ALL you wanted is to mask the "pointedness" when smiling, Radiesse could be added deeply on top of the mandible in the area of the notching between chin and jowl. The potential problem with this would be a stronger, more masculine appearing chin in some people.

You may want to consult a Maxillofacial surgeon to review your options.

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