2 Weeks After Chin Implant Removal, Right Side of Mouth is Really Tight, Will this Go Away?

Just over 2 weeks post-op, intra-incision. Sensation on my left lower lip is almost fully back, but my right side still feels really tight, probably due to the sutures of the mentalis muscle. This is affecting my speech - when i talk, it looks as if only my left side of the lips are moving (somewhat elvis-like). Will this tightness feeling go away eventually? Also, does wearing a compression help prevent ptosis or only swelling? I haven't worn one, is it too late to start wearing it now? TY!

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Chin Implant Removal Problems

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Without more details about your case, it is difficult to give you any good answers.

These are great questions for your operating surgeon when you go in for follow up.

Good luck to you.

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