Chin Implant Physically Won't Let Me Smile?

I am a week post-op from a rhinoplasty and chin implant. The results from the chin implant were visible from day 1 and they looked good, got lots of compliments. However, I physically can't smile as wide as I used to. I have no numbness, pain, swelling is minimal, and bruising is all but gone. I feel that the implant is physically blocking my smile muscles from spreading and I'd rather have my smile than a strong chin. How soon can this be done, since I leave the country at the end of July?

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A chin implant would not impair your ability to smile...

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A chin implant would typically not impair your ability to smile.  One week post operative you are still most likely experiencing tightness and swelling  of the tissues in this area, and in the area around the nose.  Most of this swelling goes away after 2-3 weeks but some degree of swelling can take up to six months or longer to fully resolve.  One week after surgery, you should have a scheduled post operative visit with your surgeon and during this visit discuss your concerns with your physician. 

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