Chin implant palpable on left side. What are my options?

Hello - I had a large chin implant placed through the inside of my mouth three days ago.  Immediately after surgery, I could feel the implant shape through my skin on the left side, especially the end of the wing.  Also, the entire left side of my lip is numb.  The implant is flush to the bone on the right and the right side of my lip has feeling.  I have a follow-up with my doctor in two days.  What are the important questions to ask as I pursue getting this corrected?  How soon can I expect this to be revised?

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Palpable chin implant

Chin augmentation with an implant is a fairly simple procedure especially in the hands of a surgeon with a lot of experience in this field. I personally do not care for the intra oral technique and prefer making a tiny incision in the sub mental area under the chin. When the incision heals it is typically not visible to the normal eye. With this said the biggest problems that I see come through my door from other surgeons is poor choice of implant selection as well as asymmetry in placement. Revision surgery may be performed immediately if there is no infection, if an infection is present then the implant should be removed and allow time for the area to heal before a revision procedure. Discuss all of your concerns with your surgeon and remember you are only a few days post op so some of your complaints may resolve. Best regards!

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