Chin Implant Pain?

I am 11 days post op on a chin implant. I still have numbness and tingles. When I wake up in the morning I am ok, just numb and tingles, however as the day goes on the pain turns into throbbing aching pain almost like a tooth ache. Is this common? My dr. said give it time but the pain is horrible!

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Chin Implant Pain?

   Numbness and pain may be anticipated after chin implant, but these should shortly resolve.  If they do not or if the pain is intense, the surgeon should be seen.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Chin pain

I can't tell how many chin implants I've done since opening my practice in 1988 and specializing in facial aesthetics but I've done a lot. Never had a complaint like yours that I'm aware of. Mild pain and certainly numbness are not that uncommon and take anywhere from a week to a month or so to resolve. I wonder if you have compression of the mental nerve by your implant. A shot of steroids may help but if the pain doesn't improve within a few weeks perhaps a panorex will show the implants position relative to this nerve (depending on the type of implant). You may need to have this implant removed if the nerve is being pinched.

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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Postoperative Chin Implant Pain

To still have some numbness and discomfort 2 weeks after chin implant surgery is fairly common...but I don't ever recall a patient saying that the pain was 'horrible'.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Pain after chin implant

Normally, at 11 days after placement of a chin implant, pain should be improving.  It is not unusual to have some numbness and tingling, but if you feel the pain is worsening, I would recommend being seen by your surgeon so that you could be evaluated.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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