Chin Implant Pain and Palpability?

I had chin implant four weeks ago, however, I have intermittent pain from under the chin, especially when I lie down. Also, the implant is very palpable there; I can feel the underside. Are these matters okay?

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Pain following chin implant

Hello, and sorry to hear about the discomfort you are experiencing. In general, the pain following a chin implant is minimal, and is usually resolved by the 4 week post-op time period. But it is not abnormal to still experience some discomfort, as each patient has their own individual circumstances. I would recommend following up with your surgeon so they may examine you and ensure you are healing properly. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Palpable chin implant

intermittent pain within the first few months is not unusual. And check with your surgery. What you feel under your chin may not exactly be the chin implant itself. When you close a chin implant incision you do it in multiple layers including muscle, fascia, and skin. These layers of dissolvable and/or deep sutures create a lump of collagen that can sometimes feel like the implant itself. This continues to go away as time goes on on the orders of weeks to months.

You might ask your surgeon about that specifically. If the pain is just on the underside of your chin it will most likely get better with time. The only situation I can envision where it is not getting better with time in that particular area is if the implant is not firmly situated against the bone and is mobile. If the pocket the surgeon created for the implant was a bit large for the implant itself the capsule around the implant may still be contracting. This again allows for so mobility which won't really affect your cosmetic outcome or affect you much in the future but can make for some intermittent discomfort.

You're most likely fine and I'm sure you had a great surgeon but follow-up with your surgeon and ask about some of those specific things but in particular the palpable implant which may only be a layered closure.

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