Chin Implant Vs. Orthognathic Surgery

I have a receding chin. I have braces and my ortho said that my bite can be fixed through braces. I believe orthognathic surgery is for those people who have tmj problems that braces cannot fix. so what should I choose and do chin implant and orthognathic surgery have the same result in appearance?

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Chin implant vs orthognathic surgery

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Orthomathic surgery is performed by breaking mandible bone and setting it forward and getting the teeth into realignment. The chin implant is simply a cosmetic fix without having to break the jawline. 

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Chin implant vs sliding osteotomy

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Cosult a dental surgeon, or a maxillofacial surgeon for analysis of the boney structure of the face, and analysis of the bite. Based on the findings they will discuss your options and plan of treatment and what results you should expect

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Chin implants and orthognathic surgery

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You are not correct in assuming that orthognathic surgery is for those with TMJ problems.  Unfortunately, some orthodontists will flare the teeth unnaturally to make them look like they are aligning properly in order to avoid sending you for jaw surgery.   Sounds like you need to see some more good doctors for some other opinions.

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