Chin Implant Numbness on Left Side Only

12 days Post- Op. The right side is almost back to normal already so the contrast is kind of scary.I can feel warmth when I drink tea and if I touch my lip and chin with an eraser I can sense it a little but it feels leathery. Every now and then I feel little pulses but no prickles. Does this sound like bad news?

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Chin implant

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You are still very early after surgery. 12 days one expects swelling and sensation changes. Wait for three weeks , if the sensation did not come back see your board certified plastic surgeon

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Chin and lip numbness typically resolves after Chin Implant Surgery.

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Numbness of your chin and lip may occur after chin implant surgery since the implant sits right under the sensory nerves (mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve). These nerves may get stretched during your surgery especially if you required a large implant, or if your surgeon made the incision inside your mouth.

This is numbness is usually temporary and should resolve within 6 weeks from your surgery. You should discuss this with your surgeon for more definitive reassurance.

I hope you find this helpful.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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