I Had a Chin Implant 8 Months Ago and Would Now Like to Have a Thermage Treatment?

I wanted to ask if it would be okay to have the Thermage treatment and if it would be more painful as the wand moves over that area. I also want to have a Refresh Fraxel treatment a couple of days later. Thank you

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Thermage and Fraxel Post Chin Implant

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This is completely reasonable.  I think you will be pleased with this combination treatment post chin implant. 

You should not have any unusual problems with with Thermage or Fraxel treatments after 8 months post surgical chin implant. 

Enjoy.  Hope this helps.


Dr. Grant Stevens Marina Plastic Surgery Associates Marina del Rey, CA The Institute

Treatments safe for chin implant

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Neither of these treatments, Thermage or Fraxel, will have any impact on your chin implant. These treatments are safe for chin implants. 

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