Chin Implant No Longer Fits Aging Profile, Would Your Recommend Non-Surgical Options or Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had a chin implant when I was 16 [now 60] and my jawline has obviously changed. Looks like my chin and lower lip jut out too much, have some notches that have developed where the implant ends and the drooping begins. I just saw a non-invasive doctor, and he made some suggestions, like radiesse [at notches to fill in] and thermage [to lift the jowls] I am wondering if a implant revision would be a better option

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Old chin implant

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My choice would be to remove the 44 year old chin implant and replace it with a more modern one. If this is done, your surgeon might have to deal with some bony erosion under what is undoubtedly a central chin implant. You might try fillers of a reversible hyaluronic acid product to see if you can get adequate correction. You might then proceed to something longer lasting. 

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