Chin Implant lip numbness 6 months post op, causing me to spurt water sometimes when i drink & have caught myself dribbling too.

I had a chin implant in June & still lacking sensation in my lower lip causing me to spurt water sometimes when i drink & have caught myself dribbling too. I still cant use the muscles in my bottom lip to push it outward & down if i try to make an exagerated sad face.I'm not happy with the shape of the implant, its too narrow and pointy. can i replace it with a shorter, wider and more square shaped implant & have the nerve back to normal or is removal the only option? what are the complications?

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Implant Change or Removal

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  The implant, depending upon the type of implant placed, can be adjusted to meet different dimensions.  Replacing the implant or removing implant may not have any effect on the nerve at all.  If the implant happens to be against the nerve, adjusting the implant or removing it may help.  However, the injury you describe may have been the result of dissection.  Many of these things may return to function over the course of many months.

Chin implant lip numbness 6 months post-op?

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Hello, and sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. It is possible to replace the implant with one that is more suited to your facial structure. I would recommend speaking with your surgeon regarding the issue with your nerve, as they know the extent of your surgery and exactly what was performed. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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