Chin Implant, lip numbness 6 months post op? What are the complications?

I had a chin implant in June & still lacking sensation in my lower lip causing me to spurt water sometimes when i drink & have caught myself dribbling too. I still cant use the muscles in my bottom lip to push it outward & down if i try to make an exagerated sad face I'm not happy with the shape of the implant, its too narrow and pointy. can i replace it with a shorter, wider and more square shaped implant & have the nerve back to normal or is removal the only option? what are the complications?

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Mental Nerve Compression By Chin Implant

With these nerve symptoms at this point after chin augmentation (actually I would have been concerned at 4 to 6 weeks) one has to suspect that there may be mental nerve compression by the implant. You should not have this degree of sensory nerve dysfunction at this point. The only way to know for sure is to either have the implant removed or explored to see where the side wings of the implant lie. Since you are not happy with the shape of the implant anyway, remove and replace it with a better style and shape. The sooner you do this the better as atrophy of the nerve (and a decreased likelihood of recovery) is a critical issue at this point.

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Chin Implant

If the nerve and or the muscles were not actually cut during the procedure, then just remove the implant for about 6-12 months and see if function and sensation comes back.

After that that you can reevaluate and decide if you want the implant back again.

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