What Would Cause A Chin Implant To Create A Jowling Effect? Why A Bump 3 Weeks Post Op?

Two questions: Under what circumstances will a chin implant create a jowling effect in a patient? I had a chin implant inserted three weeks ago and can feel a bump on the right side of my jawline where the chin implant ends. My doctor, who is board certified, said that it cannot be a folded wing, and that the pocket is fine and isn't sure what the cause of the bump is. Does anyone have an opinion on what might be the cause? Thanks

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A Bump & Jowling Effect 3 Weeks after Chin Implant Placement

Swelling, implant size, and implant position can all cause the bump and jowling effect. Be patient and continue to work with your surgeon as healing progresses - this may be temporary.

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Chin implant revision works.


1)  I am not sure what's wrong, but it can probably be corrected.  I would not do anything for several months.

2)  Jowling is either swelling or the implant position being lower than the edge of the jaw.  The bump is most  likely caused by the end of the implant not "hugging" the bone.  The wings of the implant need to be very feathered, so that at the end they hardly have any thickness.

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Chin implant

The jowles is probably swelling

The feeling of the tail of the implant is because the tail is not fitting on top of the boneand is tilted outward. The two sides of the jaw bone are not 100% symmetrical

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