What to Do for a Round Face?

ok i have a rarely fat round face, almost down sydrome looking. i am realling wanting sugery as its driving me insane. what options could you reccomend - chin implant, jaw surgery, forhead. what do i do? i am a fit healthy guy i think.. my face tells a different story. please help docs..

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Surgical and non-surgical options for a full round face

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There are many options for changing a round face to a more angular face. These vary from cheek or chin or jaw implants. Facial fillers are also a possibility. Buccal fat extraction is another procedure. Botox for masseteric hypertrophy. Discuss this with a qualified surgeon 

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Treatment for a round face.

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You would improve this with a chin implant (or poss. jaw surgery). It is difficult to say from the photo whether or not any forehead surgery would be indicated. Your aesthetic concern is appropriate and you should see an experienced facial surgeon who can examine you and do only what is needed. I would not recommend fat removal since you will need that later in life to look youthful

Toby Mayer, MD
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