Do I Have Chin Implant Infection? Can I Solve It by Applying Manuka Honey?

Hello. I am 6 weeks post operation. I have Medpor implant thru the mouth. I had 3 weeks after operation slight swelling on upper side of my chin. It looked like liquid under skin. I felt cramps sometimes and little bit pain when I was opening my mouth. I visited my doctor and he tried to find what kind of liquid I have there by hypodermic needle. He didn't find anything and he said it looks like organized hematoma. I had antibiotics again for another 10 days.

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You need to see your surgeon a few times per week until an infection is ruled.  It may very well be an organized hematoma.  Don't put any honey on your face.  Keep close follow up with your surgeon.  Pain and swelling isn't strange but don't look for home remedies.

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