What to Do with Painful Chin Implant Incision Site?

I had my chin implant done a month ago and my stitches from inside my mouth still havent dissolved. I'm very concerned because I feel lots of pain in my insicion and like something poking my insicion site. When I touch it with my tongue, it tingles and hurts.

I saw my doctor he said not to look for problems when there isn't any, and that my insicion is healing good. But I dont feel that way. Just 2 days ago I felt a numbness on the inside of my bottom lip, and it feels fat when I touch it. Can you please advise me on what to do? I'm confused. Thanks.

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Painful intra-oral chin implant incision

Dear Bellisima

It takes seconds to remove the sutures that have not dissolved and at this point in time the wound should be fully healed. At the very least ask your doctor to evaluate the area where you feel the bulge to make sure it isn't the implant riding high. The sensitivity is very common and it is not unusual to have a "funny" smile for a while after chin augments and rhinoplasties. You may need to schedule another appointment with you doctor to go over these things if you are at all concerned

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Incision problems

You could ask you physician to remove the sutures which can easily be done. They have accomplished what they wer ethere for and it is possible that one of them is irritating the region. Sensitivity to a patient's concerns should not be dismissed as a non-problem. The "fat" feeling of the inside of the lip could easily be due to the numbness which should improve over time and is not too unusual.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
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