Will a Chin Implant Improve my Profile? (photo)

I'm trying to find out if a chin implant would improve my side and front profile? I have attached two photos - one normal shot, and one edited chin (what I potentially would like). Would this be possible? Does my normal chin lack character, and does my nose also need shaping? Thanks

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Chin implantation to improve your profile

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From the photos you provided it looks like you could benefit from the placement of a chin implant. Your morphed photo appears quite reasonable. It's hard to assess your nose from the photo you submitted. What's really important is whether there are aspects of your nose you want changed.

To get a better sense of your options you should visit with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

In the meantime, you can read more about chin augmentation (chin implantation and sliding genioplasty) at my web reference link below.

Chin implant

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A medium sized silastic chin implant would be required to give the results shown.  The chin implant can be placed under local anesthesia and takes approximately a half an hour. The nose can be left alone.

Chin Implant vs Chin augmentation with fat grafting

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A wide variety of facial implants are currently available for the enhancement of the skeletal elements of facial aesthetics. The most commonly used facial implants are used to enhance the profile of the chin and the cheeks. Facial implants very widely not only in shape and style, but also in terms of the materials from which they are fabricated.

My preference is to use structural fat grafting, as much as possible, to enhance facial features. In many cases, the need for a solid implant can be eliminated by the careful and meticulous grafting of a patient's own fat. While the incidence of complications with facial implants is not high, certain problems may develop which require implant removal including infection and implant migration. Bone resorption (bone loss) has also been reported below solid facial implants. Neither of these problems are an issue with structural fat grafting.

The only setting in which I currently use a solid facial implant is for chin implant augmentation. Some patients with a 'weak' chin profile can be adequately improved by structural fat grafting alone. However, when the chin protrusion needs to be enhanced by a half centimeter or more, a chin implant is absolutely required. I prefer to use a soft, flexible, anatomic chin implant that conservatively enhances the anterior projection of the chin in profile. The chin implant is placed through an incision hidden underneath the chin, an area where many people already have a scar from a fall in childhood.

Moderate enhancement of chin projection in appropriate patients can dramatically enhance the profile, in a manner that is completely natural-appearing. It is remarkable how increasing chin prominence in some patients will reduce the apparent prominence of the nose, and restore an overall sense of harmony and balance to facial features.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Will chin implant improve profile?

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From the pictures that you have provided, I would say that you are an excellent candidate for chin augmentation and the procedure should improve your profile.  Having the augmentation will affect the appearance of your nose as well.  Generally when the chin is made larger, it will make the nose appear smaller.  There are not enough views of your nose for me to comment on whether re-shaping it would be recommended.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Profile Benefits of Chin Augmentation

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You have done an excellent job with your own imaging of showing the benefits of a chin augmentation procedure. Whether this should be done with an implant or a sliding genioplasty is up for discussion given the amount of horizontal augmentation that you need. (8 to 10mms)

Chin Implant

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    A chin implant may be a good option for you after examination by a board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

Will a Chin Implant Improve my Profile?

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You should be able to get the look you like with a chin implant. The change will be noticeable both from the side and also the front view, but the profile view is going to be more obvious.

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