Chin Implant or Genioplasty Suitable for Me? (photo)

I work in the fashion industry. I've been planning on strenghten my jaw a bit to get a more masculine appearance. I feel my face shape isn't chiseled enough so I thought I should improve my chin. I had a rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago so you can still see the swelling (I'm happy with the result as nobody would realise I had a nose job). And in July this year, I'm having a bichectomy to make my cheekbones more prominent. Regarding my chin, which is more suitable for me? Chin implant or Genioplasty?

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Genioplasty vs. Chin Implant to Increase Jaw Definition

Chin augmentation should improve the chin at rest and during smile. Therefore, the chin should be evaluated in person and in photographs at rest and during smile. In many people the chin profile will look much stronger during smile than at rest. So, if the chin is augmented to look its best at rest, it may look too big during smile. You do not need much, if any, advancement. You may want to have a more square chin, or a wider chin, both of which can be accomplished more simply with implants. There are "prejowl" implants that only add a little advancement to the chin, but can widen it very nicely.  A genioplasty is usually needed to vertically lengthen or shorten a chin, to narrow a chin, to correct an asymmetry. Look for a surgeon with a lot of experience in both procedures.

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Chin Augmentation options

A chin implant is a much easier procedure to undergo as it involves placing a  semi-solid silicone implant over the bony surface of the chin through either an incision under the shadow of the chin or inside sulcus of the lip.  It can be shaved and modified to precisely fit the individual patient.  It also can be readily removed should the patient not like the result.  All this can be done under local anesthesia with or without light sedation.  On the other hand, a sliding genioplasty requires cutting of the bone to reposition it, then hold it in its place with titanium plates and screws.  Thus not as easily reversed as an implant.  Additionally, genioplasty is more commonly done under general anesthesia and requires an overnight stay in the hospital.


Furthermore to "strengthen" your  jawline, jaw (mandibular) angle implants may also become a consideration once you have a chance to visit a board certified plastic surgeon for consultation.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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Chin implant versus genioplasty

 A chin implant is a simple  procedure done under local anesthesia whereby a small Silastic implant is inserted  through a sub-mental approach directly over the bone.  The implant can be removed later on if the patient so desires.  A genioplasty will require an overnight stay in the hospital and  involves breaking the mandible and setting it forward with metal screws and plates. This is much more invasive.

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