Am I Chin Implant or Genioplasty Candidate? (photo)

Esthetic surgeon I went to see was a bit worried about my deep mentolambial fold and short chin, but still suggested implant. He does not do sliding genioplasty, but there is a skillful maxofaciall surgeon available if that operation is necessary. I am aware that in my case sliding and lengthening genioplasty would probably give better results, but if I could have my looks improved with implant, that’s what I would rather have. I am looking for more masculine and more balanced face.

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Chin implant or genioplasty

The decision to do a sliding genioplasty can only be made by looking at the relationship of the upper and lower teeth.  Sometimes the upper jaw bone and the lower jaw bone or both undergo orthognathic surgery.  It really depends upon where and how the teeth come together.  For a person who is just looking for a small augmentation in the front for the chin for aesthetic purposes, a chin implant performed under local anesthesia is the best bet.  This is done through a small submental incision where the implant is placed directly over the bone to augment the chin profile.  Chin implants come in multiple different sizes including small, medium, large, and extra large and this is an excellent choice for mild to moderate retrusive chin.

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Chin Implant

To attain a masculine look with quick recovery, I would recommend a Terino extended square chin implant.  This should be anchored using titanium screws.  In my practice, this surgery is done through an intra-oral inferior labial sulcus approach.  

Chin implant

With an extended chin implant placed and secured correctly, you can achieve both vertical and horizontal extension. This is less invasive and have faster recovery. 

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Chin implant vs genioplasty

Dr. Eppley's comments are correct and to the point. Your photos are inadequate to answer your question full facial views are necessary.

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Sliding Genioplasty For the Horizontally Short Vertically Chin

The depth of your existing labiomental fold is irrelevant as chin augmentation, no matter how done, will deepen it somewhat if there is significant horizontal advancement. The only reason to choose a sliding genioplasty over a chin implant is if you would need vertical lengthening much more than horizontal advancement, as it appears in your photos that you do. With that movement you will likely lessen or not change the depth of the labiomental fold.

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Implant vs genioplasty

The two good options for augmenting the chin include a chin implant or sliding genioplasty. The sliding genioplasty is more versatile in that it can alter the projection as well as the height of your chin. It also allows for a large advancement when needed. The procedure is however much more invasive and would have a longer recovery period. Get a second opinion.

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